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Every project is a different journey, presenting its own unique challenges along the way. Working closely with your team, Critical Path can help you negotiate a safe route. Above all, we are totally committed to the delivery of measurable time and cost saving benefits that give our clients a very attractive return on their investment in our services

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Critical Path - construction project planners

Critical Path International is a specialist consultancy providing delay analysis, project planning and controls, as well as claims and change management services to the construction and engineering sectors around the world.

We are specialist construction planners, engineering planners and quantifiers of disruption claims. Critical Path provides expert advice on how to plan and control projects to enable timely delivery and to minimise the risk of delay and disruption.

Representing employers, contractors and sub-contractors alike, critical path have worked on multi-billion dollar projects, mega-projects and claims. We also specialise in forensic planning and delay analysis as well as in the quantification of disruption claims.

Critical Path give expert advice on how to plan and control construction and engineering projects. This involves forensic planning, procurement and contractual advice and delay analysis for construction and engineering projects.

construction project planners


Critical Path services are split in to two distinct areas.

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Job Opportunities

Critical Path is looking for construction planners, scheduling engineers and delay analysts.